26th JAN

1AM to 6AM


Offers on Bar

  • 2+1 on hard liquor and Cocktails. |3+1 on Beer and Draught Beer@ Rs 99

Puzzled about what to do this Friday? Well, don’t worry we’ve got your back. Take your squad with you and dance to the Bollywood tunes with DJ Sandy, all the while you gorge up some drinks. Get an extra drink and pay less, not to mention the exotic food of our kitchen. Try out our Tonight’s special to get to know why we call it special. With exclusive offers on hard liquor and cocktails Fridays can’t get any better and if you are one of the people who loves to gulp down some draught beer then we have something for you as well. It’s a lot easier to plan your weekend when you know that it has started in B-hive.

Cheers to FRIYAY.